Learning event on accountability to affected populations in multi-purpose cash programming in Lebanon


The Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP) learning event took place on June 21st, 2019 where the preliminary findings from the AAP research that had been conducted by the Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP) for CAMEALEON were presented. This study focused on the Accountability to Affected Populations in MPC programming in Lebanon as explored through the lens of WFP’s MPC programme. During the event, the cash related research by Ground Truth Solutions was also presented.

This was followed by a moderated discussion with invited panelists to reflect on the findings and explore some of the AAP opportunities, challenges and dilemmas that UN and NGOs face when designing and delivering MPC programmes. A video-screened questions from refugees about MPC assistance, which have been recorded as part of participatory element of the learning event, was also presented.

Research presenters

Ruth McCormack, Senior Programme Officer, CaLP (with study author, Gabrielle Smith joining remotely from London)
Maximilian Seilern, Senior Programme Analyst, Ground Truth Solutions

Chair and panelists for moderated discussion

Moderator: Khalil Dagher, Basic Assistance Sector Coordinator
Sara Fowler, Head of Protection and AAP, WFP
Marina Aksakalova, Assistant Representative (Programme), UNHCR
Lama Chaama, Basic Assistance Manager, Lebanese Red Cross
Rachel Eichholz, Cash Specialist, Oxfam/CAMEALEON
Tom Russell, Humanitarian Adviser, FCDO