Between 2018 and 2020, CAMEALEON conducted an impact evaluation of MPC assistance on the well-being of Syrian refugees, in collaboration with the American University of Beirut (AUB). The two-year study assessed the impact of MPC on the well-being of over 11,000 Syrian refugee households living in the Bekaa, North and Mount Lebanon. Multiple sectors of well-being were explored including households’ expenditures, food security, shelter, WASH, education, employment, health and decision-making. The study measured the impact of providing short-term (less than 12 months) and long-term (more than 12 months) MPC assistance, as well as discontinuation from it. The findings of the study were presented in a dedicated Inter-Sector workshop on 12th June 2020.

Research presenters

Alexandra Irani, Research Project Manager, AUB
Zeina Jamaluddine, Instructor, AUB
Moderator: Jad Ghosn, Inter-Agency IM team

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