Syrian refugees document the experience of receiving multi-purpose cash assistance in Lebanon


In June 2021, CAMEALEON invited a group of young (18-30) Syrian refugees receiving multi-purpose cash (MPC) assistance to attend a photography training. After the training, participants were asked to use the cameras to document the role and significance that monthly cash transfers make to the lives of themselves and their families. In this virtual exhibition, you will meet Aya, Jameel, Fteim, Yasmin and Mohamad, who participated to CAMEALEON’s participatory photo project. CAMEALEON has a special interest in people-centered approaches and capturing the lived experiences of cash recipients. This participatory photo project enabled MPC recipients to document their own narratives and stories in the way they perceive as the most relevant and appropriate to portray their realities. The ultimate goal was to place participants in the driving seat of monitoring and reporting.

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